About Afrusun inc.

Afrusun Inc. is not just a HVAC or heating- Cooling company. For your trust and convenience, we are and engineering company in HVAC that take care of your request, green environment and joy of life in your living or workplace.


Afrusun Inc.  as a company, take pride in our engineers and technicians, having the ability to do everything right at the first time. And we have made it a priority to keep it that way. There is no room for errors.

We value our customers and are here to be of service. We want Toronto to lead in the green revolution and integrate more sustainable technologies and practices for all. Let us be of service to you, your family and/or commercial business and let us work together with you to maximize your annual energy savings and increase your comfort and satisfaction with your home environment. We are committed to your happiness and comfort, give us a call today!


Afrusun About


Look no further as we are the most trusted and loved service provider in the GTA area. We are loved by the people of Ontario for over the course of years thanks to the quality of service that we provide.

Your satisfaction is our number 1 priority. That’s why we have handpicked some of the best technicians in the industry. Armed with years of experience, knowledge, and skills, we can tackle any job involving air conditioning and heaters. With the expertise of our crew, our services are guaranteed to be quick, efficient, yet affordable.

We understand how a broken AC or Heater can inconvenience you. That’s why we made our mission to make your lives as convenient and stress-free as possible. We will deal with any issues that may make you feel uncomfortable, inconvenienced, and stressed. And we’ll also make sure to cause no further inconveniences and disruptions to your daily lives.

We don’t just rely on our reputation. In our industry, it’s still all about providing quality results for a great price. To achieve this goal, we invest in learning the latest industry technology and best practices. It is this continued commitment to better serving our customers that best exemplifies who we are here at Afrusun Inc.


Afrusun Inc. is ready to present its design, budget estimation and apply any Cooling-Heating HVAC systems to your residential, commercial and industrial projects.